# Title durée extrait 0:30 (705Ko)
1 Bridge To Eternity 6:57 telecharger
2 The Endless Armada 9:24 telecharger
3 Atlan - The Solitary Spirit of Time 6:08 telecharger
4 The 3rd Question 11:52 telecharger
5 Mountain of Creation 8:47 telecharger
6 Frost Ruby 10:40 telecharger
7 Bridge To Eternity -Single Cut 3:21 telecharger
(total time) 57:25 .

Bonne écoute.

Christopher Franke Label: Sonic Images Records
Release Date: Dec 17, 1996
All Rights reserved
Perry Rhodan ® Copyright by Pabel-Moewig Verlag KG, Germany

music composed by Christopher Franke
music performed by Christopher Franke and the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra
conducted by Alan Wagner
recorded and produced by Edgar Rothermich
recording assistant Rudy Panke
vocals by Rick Jude and Miko
design by Doerte Lau, Andreas Adamec
executive producer: Peter Schlenter